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As Adopted During the 2009 Summer Board of Directors Meeting Chautauqua, New York, June 28 – June 30, 2009

 1.      Annual Conference

Board officers shall receive compensated hotel rooms for the conference.  Board members, including Board officers, shall not receive compensation for the conference registration, travel expenses, meals, or any other expenses.

 2.      DDAA Summer and Winter Board Meetings 

The DDAA shall cover the expense for hotel rooms and on-site meals for all Board members.  The President shall be authorized to approve the coverage of expenses for hotel rooms and on-site meals for other invited members of the DDAA, representatives of partnering organizations, or guests. 

 The DDAA shall not cover travel expenses or meals during travel for Board members, including officers.  The President shall be authorized to approve the coverage of travel expenses for invited guests.

3.      Other Travel by the President 

For all other travel of the President that is related to his/her responsibilities as President, the DDAA will cover all travel, hotel, meal, and other related expenses.

4.      Other Travel for Persons Other Than the President

For other DDAA related travel by any person, the coverage of travel, hotel, meal, registration, and other related expenses may be authorized by the President, at his/her discretion.

5.      Travel by the Chair of the Training Committee 

For travel related to activities of the Training Committee, all travel, meal, hotel, and other related expenses of the Training Committee Chair shall be covered by the DDAA.  Funding for these expenses is included in the Association’s Training budget.