Development District Map

Appalachian Local Development Districts

The Development District Association of Appalachia (DDAA) is a membership organization of the 73 Local Development Districts (LDDs) serving the 420 counties that comprise the Appalachian Region. The Appalachian Region covers all or portions of 13 states in the Eastern United States.

Local Development Districts (LDDs) are multi-jurisdictional planning and economic development organizations that pursue regional solutions, partnerships and services for the local governments and citizens across Appalachia. The DDAA strengthens LDDs and their member governments and provides leadership to support the ARC’s federal-state-local partnership. The LDDs are the primary local partners in the ARC’s Federal-State-Local Partnership.

Each LDD is shown on the map below. Click on an LDD to link to their website, or view their contact information.

Click below for the Google Earth information used in this map. LDD Google Earth Data (KMZ 764kb)

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